Ghost Pepper Plants

Growing Ghost Pepper Plants is a great way to not only increase the flavor of your food, but to also create great conversations with friends, family, and co-workers.  You will soon find out who you know that truly is adventurous with their taste buds!

The ghost pepper plant also known as bhut jolokia.  It is a plant that is hotter than the hottest jalapeno you could ever imagine!  Think of biting into a nice red semi dried pepper, thinking it would be a bit spicy and having it immediately burn your tounge, lips and your entire mouth!  You have a hard time breathing, and you immediately spit it out and run for the water or the milk container!  That is why they call it the Ghost Pepper Plant¸ It leave your taste buds in a state of shock, to where they kind of temporarily burn away and become like a ghost!


You know how in the Television commercials you watch that talk about hybrid cars, and you wonder what the heck does that mean?  Well, it is the combining of different traits of an electric car and a gas or diesel power car or truck.  For Ghost pepper plants, it is the combination of different types of peppers until you find one that scares the heck of out anyone because it appears to melt your taste buds when you test it.

While plants can naturally become hybrids, in the case of some passionate hot pepper lovers, they can become weapons of mass hysteria.  The news gets word that there is a new and dangerously hot hybrid pepper that will melt the paint off of a car using the breath of someone who just ate a Ghost Pepper plant, and the legend begins!  But these plants are hybrids, and are not genetically modified organisms.

What is a GMO you ask?  Well let’s say that a hybrid brings forth a natural change in the plant to make it more adaptable to what will be pleasing and meet your needs.  Then GMO is more like a Frankenstein plant the can go on a rampage and destroy everything that the mad scientist had planned for, even taking his own life and leaving it shreds on the floor of the lab.  Some people think that living with GMO is great, because you do not have to worry about bugs wanting your plants, rotting of the fruit, or people growing produce or food from the seeds that may be contained in the food, because they have no life in them!  What is there to worry about?

We want to be growing ghost pepper plants that are hybrid plants rather than Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).  There is not enough research for GMO plants long term for my vote to purchase them.

Hmm, Plants that grow naturally and are full of time tested nutrition, or genetically modified plants that  even the bugs won’t touch, what is your choice?

Facts About the Ghost Pepper

The Bhut jolokia (Ghost) pepper has been one of the hottest pepper in the world for some time now – in fact, it actually held the Guinness Book of World Record’s record for the world’s hottest pepper from 2007 until 2010. The word  “bhut” means “ghost” in the Assam language, that is why this pepper is often called the “ghost pepper”.   These peppers have dented skin that is very thin and tears easily.  Some places in India, I have read that people will smear the peppers all over their fences to keep the elephants away.  That is one huge pachyderm potion!  Can you imagine having a pepper spray that keeps the elephants away?  And people eat it!

The great news is this, growing ghost pepper plants is rather simple, and the food that is cooked with it does not have to burn your taste buds to a crisp.  There is moderation.  I was told just last week, that Chili’s restaurants have offered Ghost Peppers in some of their products.  I have not confirmed that where I live, but I can see why they would.  Chili’s is known for great food and for peppers!

Ghost Pepper Plants are part of the night shade family, and can be grown at home.  They are not easily available in the local markets, but they can be purchased online, or at some farmers markets and local truck farms.  The easiest way to get seeds for yourself is to purchase a start, grow your ghost peppers, then make sure that you save seeds for the next year or growing season.  The ghost pepper takes longer to grow that quite a few other peppers, so expect 120 days of growing time to start producing the fruit you want while growing ghost pepper plants.



There are placed on the internet now to purchase seeds so that you can start growing ghost pepper plants. is a link to go to a website that sells ghost pepper seeds, and you can even see him eat a very little bit of the ghost pepper.  I did not see him swallow any of the pepper, but I did see him immediately drink some milk and then leaving to get something else to extinguish the fire!

Starting the Ghost pepper from seeds is pretty simple once you get them.  It is a matter of following these simple rules:

  • Germinate the seeds in either a small cup or in sheet of small holes for them to start in
  • I place mine  near a window so it will get the necessary sun..
  • Keep them moist, but not dry, also do not soak them to where they rot either
  • Once the plant shoots out of the soil, prepare a bigger container to transplant them into
  • Let them grow there until they are taller, your choice, then get them ready to go outside.
  • Once they are outside and acclimated, plant them in the garden and pamper them
  • If you live in a warm climate, you can start growing ghost pepper plants right in the prepared soil!

When they grow up, Ghost pepper plants range in height from knee high all the way up to some peoples waist. The peppers will be about one inch in diameter and will turn red  when ripe.  The skin of the peppers is thin, so be careful not to tear it.  The leaves and stems are green so it will look a little bit like a Christmas pepper!  Who has Christmas peppers?  Ask David.  He might have some this year!

Below is a picture of a ghost pepper plant the is just coming out of shock and over exposed to the sun.  Once the ghost pepper is in the right environment it will grow quickly.  See the second picture to see how much it grows after more than week of rectifying the problem!



Now here it is after more than week of great growth!




As you can see, once the ghost pepper plant is in a healthy environment, it grows great.  Be patient though, because as I told you it can take a while for the peppers to appear.  Once they do, if you are brave, eat a ghost pepper and see if you too need some milk and bread close by to start to put out the fire!  Do not forget the ice cream after.




There are many things to remember about growing ghost pepper plants.  As a night shade family member, they will have growth spurts at night.  It will take up to 120 days or longer to get peppers and depending upon where you are at, it might even take longer.  Just be patient.


When you go to eat them, I recommend trying a very small bite, and make sure that you save the seeds for your next crop.  You want to make sure that you have plenty of ghost peppers to amaze and daze, (yes, literally daze them with the heat) your friends and neighbors with your wonderful wild and spicy Ghost Peppers!