Health Benefits of a Ghost Pepper

10 Benefits of Eating the Ghost Pepper

  1. Improved Breathing by opening clogged nasal passages
  2. Boosts your Moods by releasing endorphins  that dulls pain
  3. Improved blood circulation and lowers blood pressure
  4. Anti-Cancer properties verified by studies
  5. Helps lose weight by speeding up metabolism
  6. Heart Health improvement by increasing bodies ability to dissolve blood clots
  7. Improved digestion and help in curing stomach
  8. Helps relieve Arthritis by reducing joint inflammation and to reduce pain.
  9. Improved sleep by helping you fall asleep more easily, and having more energy throughout the day
  10. Cold and Flu prevention and healing by sweating more and reducing sinusitis and other flu symptoms.

How Does the Ghost Pepper Help?

The Ghost Pepper has a Scoville rating of 1,000,000.  The average jalapenos have a 2,500 to 6,000 rating.  Bell peppers have a 0 rating, and the Habaneros have a 300,000 SHU rating.  The hotter you get the more effect that the ghost pepper has on your body.
The Ghost Pepper has been known in India for hundreds of years.  The consumers of the ghost pepper are known to have great health, but this pepper has only been discovered by the western world recently.

The key ingredient in hot peppers is Capsaicin.  It is usually found in curry, and has been used in curing many dis-eases while also helping with good health.  The ingredient in the ghost pepper was tested in cancer research and it was found to kill and inhibit further growth of cancerous cells.  These benefits as well as the list of 10 above are a great way of saying “Eat Up”!!!

There is one caution that I would like to share with you though, especially if you are sensitive to hot stuff, wear gloves while cutting up the Ghost Peppers.  For some the scent alone is enough to kick you onto your rear end.

Remember, a little bit of a fiery pepper will go a long way to your health and a culinary delight!

Eat well my friends!

Man Vs Food, Food Wins

Hot sauce competition sees food as the clear winner in endurance

In the Man versus food competition, the ghost pepper hot sauce called Wicked Tickle Bhut Kisser took home the winning prize.  This is a solution of 10% ghost peppers that reportedly have a hot zing to them, 300 percent hotter than the hottest jalapeno pepper.
????? Chongqing Spicy Chicken - Dainty Sichuan
According to, Ghost peppers are defined as the “hottest chili in the world.  The Ghut Jolokia chili is commonly refered to as the Ghost pepper.  The ghost peppers have been becoming very popular in searches due to the curiosity of the hotness of the pepper.

Ghost pepper shop also has other peppers and hot sauces available for sale, but remember, in our latest hot sauce contest, the Wicked Tickle Bhut Kisser took home the winning prize, leaving the rest in the vapors.  Much milk and ice cream was had by all!

The ghost pepper is a hybrid pepper cultivated in the Assam region of northeastern India. A typical Bhut Jolokia ranges in color from bright red, to yellow, orange and chocolate. In 2007 one of these fiery vegetables stole the title of hottest pepper by ranking in at just over 1 million SHUs.  A jalapeno pepper ranks at around 2,500 SHUs.

So what does that mean for you and I?  keep the ghost peppers and the hot sauces around for a while, even though the record of hotness will go to some other hybrid eventually, it is a great party starter.

Can anyone really beat the ghost pepper plant?  I am sure that there are people in India that eat them daily.  There is a lot of positive health effects of the bhut kisser sauce.  I just do not want to be the person to try it first.  Ever since I became lactose intolerant, hot peppers have gone off my radar.  Who wants a firey mouth and noisy exhaust?


Ghost Pepper Plant Center of Diet Craze

New Ghost Pepper Diet is The Talk of the Town

A new diet craze has hit the city.  Bill Johnson has started his new diet center and named it The Ghost Pepper Diet Center.  Bill has himself lost well over 85 pounds in the last 3 weeks by eating only ghost peppers.  “You get nutrition from the pepper plant, and you drink a lot of water due to the increases heat of the spicy pepper.

Prevent Yo-Yo Dieting

Bill still tells you to consult your doctor prior to starting this diet, as well as come into the center to ensure that you only receive the best Ghost Peppers available to ensure a quick and easy weight loss experience.  “There is no need to worry about anything with this diet” Mr. Johnson states.  “I have a nutritionist consult with every client at the beginning and during the diet plan.

“The ghost peppers raise your body temperature which speeds up your metabolism, as well as the hotter food value sooths your stomach as your body temperature increases” Johnson shared with this newspaper reporter. [Read more…]

Farmer Caught Growing Ghost Pepper Plants

Local Farmer Files Formal Protest

A local farmer, Freddie Freebie was in court today filing a formal protest after his Ghost Pepper plants were confiscated by local police.
Freddie said that on Monday the 6th of August 2012, after celebrating his 80th birthday, the police stormed his garden and dug up all of his ghost pepper plants.  He was informed of his rights, and was arrested for possession of a deadly substance.

Mr. Freebie had been growing the hot and spicy peppers for more than 6 years since he first found out about the spicy peppers through his neighbors who introduced him to the guiness book of world record holder spicy pepper. [Read more…]

Ghost Pepper Attacks City Center

The City is Attacked by a Ghost Pepper, News Story Reveals

The City was under attack by the mighty Ghost Pepper last night at the local Peter Pipers Pepper Eating contest.  It was a horrible sight to not only witness the gastronomical carnage, but to see those who had fought furiously with such valor to rid the restaurant of the mighty Spicy pepper that was on a rampage!

Burning Man 2009

Peter Pipers Pepper restaurant has had hot pepper eating contests before, but this one today was a total annihilation of all of the contestants.  Not a single participant was left standing at the end of the contest.  Gallons of milk had to be brought in by an emergency vehicle to help with medical care provided by the local food doctors.  The entire supply of beer had to be cosumed by those who only had the chance to smell the troublesome Ghost Pepper as it passed their nostrils on the way to those who had bravely signed up to conquer their fear of this Guiness Book of World Records pepper. [Read more…]

Thinking about Growing a Ghost Pepper?

I was a bit reluctant to talk to anyone about growing Ghost Peppers. When you thing about it, they have the world record from Guinness, and no not the beer, for being the hottest one around!  But you might want to keep a couple of cold buckets of Guinness around if you decide to eat some of these great gastronomical delights.

What is hotter? Fire or a Ghost pepper?

Here is a list of the things you need to grow a ghost pepper plant:

  • Healthy soil, you can use potting soil from the local nursery
  • Compost
  • Clean water
  • A ghost pepper plant start or seeds
  • A good warm climate with a long growing season [Read more…]